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Colic relief and more restful sleep

The gentle heat given off by the wheat helps a lot.

at therelief from colic and intestinal discomfort,

so typical in the first few months.

The warm will activate blood circulation and

helps the baby relax the abdomen area.

Thanks tonatural power of lavender, the pillow helps you have a more restful and prolonged sleep

Place the pillow at the head of the bed, next to the belly

or on the baby's feet and you will see how the Falling asleep Ritual

it will become much more natural.


To intensify the scent and effect of lavender, you can use a few extra drops on your pillow or in a diffuser in your bedroom when you fall asleep.

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Anti-Colic Ritual

​1.Heat the TRIGUH for 1 minutein the microwave, always on top of the turntable

two.Shake the beans to distribute the heatand check the temperature before applying. If you think it needs to be warmer, warm it up for periods of 10 seconds.


3.Place on the baby's belly(always on top of your clothes), in the position you feel most comfortable in (lying, sitting or in the fetal position)

This process can be done at any time and has more effective results afteranti-colic massage. or relaxing bath.


1. Give the baby a massage to help release the gas: slow, rhythmic movements, in a clockwise direction (ideally with a fat cream to make it easier for the fingers to slide)

2. Bend your legs towards your belly

3. Place a heating pad (and in this case, it could be a @triguh_) warm in the baby's belly

4. Apply the 5 "S" rule:

Swaddle (snuggle the baby with the cocoon)
Side position (side/fetal position)
Shush (do shhhh-shhhh)
swing (swing)
suck (suction)

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Peaceful Sleep Ritual

Alfazema has acalming natural power and helps to purify the environment and provoke feelings of relaxation, thus helping to have a calmer night's sleep.

It is indicated for babies and toddlers, usually between 0 months and 3 years.

To intensify the scent of Lavender andhelp your baby fall asleep better,follow this Ritual:

​1. Heat the TRIGUH for 1 minute in the microwave

2. Shake beans to distribute heat

3. Put 1 or 2 drops of Lavender essential oil on the pillow and shake the grains again

3. Place Triguh inside the baby's crib/bed (at the head or at the foot)

Valid for Babies, Children and Adults

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Milk supply and breastfeeding

Placing the hot pad on the breasts (typically, in a "stone") and together with manual massage, helps to undo the milk knots, avoiding undesirable Mastitis, Fissures or Breast Engorgement.


The hot will activate circulation and provide the opening of milk channels so that it comes out with greater flow during the milk rise and breastfeeding process.


Applying the cold pad after breastfeeding will help close the milk ducts, making the body realize the milk management it needs to do for your baby more quickly, making the breastfeeding process easier and more efficient. superable.


Although 1 pillow can be used hot and cold, many Mothers value having 2 always present in the process, so that one is always available in the freezer and the other ready to heat at any time.

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Heating the baby's crib and the kids' bed

Since TRIGUH are made from wheat grains, they are super malleable and a safer option.

to hot water bags.

The heat released is gentle and long-lasting, helping to keep your baby's bed warm throughout the night.

Children love to go to bed with these pillows made from a bottle and which are an excellent help for falling asleep.

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Post vaccines, insect bites, fever reduction and bruises/bumps

Indispensable in any home with babies or children, especially if it is always available in the freezer and ready to be used in these therapies. They do not shed and the application is smoother because it does not have the aggressive effect of ice and because the fabric is 100% cotton.


All this, in 100% cotton fabric and with lovely patterns!

TRIGUH BABY pillows are known for their magical anti-colic power, for their ability to reassure babies, children and adults and for their varied patterns and for all tastes :)

Product approved for its function, size and weight for Newborns and Children


Drs. Pediatricians Rita Gomes and Sara Aguilar | 

Nurse Midwife specializing in Obstetrics and Maternity

@babieswhaaat (with pre and postpartum courses at home)

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