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Organize the Baptism Day


01. Set the date

Set the date of the Ceremony with your Parish. Usually the weekend makes guest participation more likely, and this should be the1st point to deal with since Parish agendas are usually overcrowded.

batizado simao-12.jpg

02. Guests

Make a list of people you'd like to join the Family on this special day, whether it's just the Christening Ceremony or the Celebration Feast.


03. Location and Menu

Depending on how much you want to spend, the number of guests and the intention of the environment you have for the day, choose to have the party at home, in a restaurant or in a farm specializing in events.


04. Send Invitations

Once the location and date have been defined, it's time to send out the invitations.

You can do it in the invitation template "Santinho" (image) or send it digitally

(email, whatsapp, message).

Triguh has this service available, get in touch!


05. Preparing the Ceremony

The essential:

- Preparation course pfor batismo

- Availability of Parents and Godfathers

- Candle, Towel and Shell

- Clothes for the Christening

- Set Readings, Psalm and Songs  (if you have a Mass dedicated only to the Sacrament)

Catalog of Triguh


06. Cake

A Baptism cake is almost a tradition for the Celebration Party and is one of the most important memories.

Suggested Suppliers:

Lisbon/Cascais @mimosdaquinta

Porto @amor.a.colher

Triguh makes available the graphics chosen in Vela, for

cake application.


07. Fotografia e Vídeo

Trabalhos que recomendo:

Zona Lisboa/Centro:


Zona Algarve/Sul:



08. Lembranças e deco

- Medalhas Perfumadas com Anjinho 

- Cruzes Sagrada Família

- Andorinhas 

- Mini velas 

- Pagelas/Santinhos com oração

- Saquinhos de Alfazema

- Velas decorativas com flores secas

Visitar Loja Online Triguh Baby


09. Animação

Se vai ter uma festa com crianças, a Tia Zana pode ajudar na organização e animação:


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