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The TRIGUH Cushion

Cushion composed of a careful selection of Wheat and Lavender, wrapped in

100% cotton fabric with extra removable cover.

Widely used in Maternity, Babies, Children and

indicated for Hot and Cold Therapy in Adults 


Sustainable:don't use water.

Practices:they are warm in 2 minutes in the microwave (or 10 in the oven).

Comfortable:they are completely malleable and the heat that is released is smooth and prolonged.

The fabric is  100% cottonand include a removable cover to wash whenever you want.

Versatile:Can be used hot and cold.

safe: do not burst/do not leak water.

100% Portuguese brand



BABY - 15x19cm

Oriented for Babies or Children up to 2/3 Years old

Indicated foranti colic, to provide a more peaceful sleep, warm the crib and perfect to help with

rise in milk and breastfeeding.

Used cold, they are ideal for reducing fever,

in post vaccines and in bruises (eg roosters)

Approved and Recommended by Pediatricians,

in its function, size and weight


ADULT - 16x36cm

To be used by the whole family, to use a hot bottle, therapies such as localized pain (eg cervical, lumbar), migraines, insomnia, anxiety, intestinal/menstrual pain/endometriosis, postpartum/surgical recovery, post training, Meditation and Yoga.

Triguh S e M.png


baby size


Adult Size


They can be picked up at Atelier or

sent by Registered Mail, with the respective value

associated postage

Shipments are made to mainland Portugal,

Madeira, Azores and all of Europe


Customer Messages

"Almost a year after I bought the pillow, it continues to be used every day by my Matilde who loves to go to bed with it"

"After trying almost everything, it was only with the pillow that I managed to have the first peaceful night. It felt like magic!"

"Just to say that I love the pillow. My baby started using it yesterday and I really noticed a difference in the colic. And he's calmer when he sleeps. Thank you!"

"It really relieves the pain I have in my lower back and sciatica! I even sleep better at night and I'm warmer! It will always be my birthday and Christmas present to everyone I know :)"

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