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  • TRIGUH Baby Instructions for Use
    HOT: Heat in the microwave for 1 minute at a power of 600W (Baby Size Pillow) or 2 minutes (Adult Size Pillow). Heat every 20 seconds until you reach the desired temperature. Shake the pad to distribute the heat and always check that the temperature is comfortable before applying to the desired area. OVEN OPTION: Wrap the pillow in aluminum foil and place in a preheated oven at 160º for 10 minutes. COLD: Place the pad in a sealed plastic bag in the freezer for 30 to 40 minutes. If the triguh is not going to be used for a long period of time, it is advisable to keep it in the freezer.
  • Conservation and Durability of TRIGUH Baby
    REGULAR USE (every week or every 15 days) Store the pillow in a dry and well-ventilated place. ONTIME USE (or if not in use for long periods of time) Store the pad in a sealed plastic bag inside the freezer. DURABILITY The pillows are composed of natural and organic ingredients. The durability can be for years if the conservation tips are respected. Although the scent of lavender remains for a long time, it is normal for it to become less intense with each use. You can always intensify it again by adding a few drops of lavender/lavender essential oil.
  • Can TRIGHU also be heated in the oven?
    Yes. Consult the Instructions for Use issue on this page.
  • Tips for Using TRIGHU
    -Ideally, put a glass of water in the microwave when heating your Triguh. This procedure will help rehydrate the grains, which over time will dry out and lose their natural moisture. -NEVER wet the inside of the pillow or overheat it. Respect the heating times and power, otherwise the crumb may become unusable. -The microwave/oven must be clean after each use. When heated in the microwave, the pad must always be resting on the revolving glass plate and must never be covered by containers (the grains can burn) -In the first few uses, the pillow may get wet (the grains retain natural moisture). In this case, wait a few seconds (or for it to dry) before using it) -Once heated, you must shake the pad to loosen the grains and distribute the heat and it is imperative that you check the temperature before applying. In the case of application in babies, it must be done with adult supervision. -Keep away from children and animals. -Only the removable cover is washable and should never be tumble dried.
  • My pillow was damp/wet after heating. It's normal?
    Yes, the grain retains its natural moisture. Wait a few seconds or for it to dry before use.
  • I want to offer a TRIGUH. Can you wrap it up and write a personalized note?
    Yes, and at no additional cost. Please order when ordering.
  • Is it possible to make a TRIGUH Baby without lavender?
    Yes. Please order when ordering.
  • Are Triguh Baby Pillows shipped with instructions for use?
    Yes, however, you should not fail to consult the conservation tips described on the website (Frequently Asked Questions Page)
  • Up to what age can size S be used?
    It can be used at any age, although the size is suitable for babies and children up to 3/4 years old. Size S can also be indicated for warming hands in adults or for more localized therapies such as knee pain relief.
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  • In case of dissatisfaction, can I return TRIGUH?
    Specify your question by private message.
  • I live outside Portugal. Do you ship?
    We ship to Portugal, Madeira, the Azores and the rest of Europe.
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