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Pillow made from selected Wheat and Lavender seeds and ideal for the baby's first months to relieve colic and contribute to a more peaceful sleep (thanks to the natural relaxing power of Lavender).


The Hot and Cold Kit consists of 2 Baby Thermal Pillows Size S, to have one always ready to be used cold (in the freezer) and another available to be used hot.

This use is very useful especially in the phase of milk supply and breastfeeding (where the constant use of Hot and Cold is essential) and for families with small babies, where "bumps" caused by falls are a constant.


Supplied with a removable and washable cover in 100% cotton fabric and a carrying bag.

If TRIGUH is for a gift, specify your request when ordering, with all the details you can (baby's name, personalized message)




  • colic relief
  • more peaceful sleep
  • Pre and Postpartum Recovery
  • Milk rise and breastfeeding
  • Heating the baby's crib/bed
  • Post vaccines, insect bites, bruises, roosters

Hot and Cold Kit: 2 Baby Thermal Pillows Size S

€38.00 Regular Price
€34.20Sale Price
  • The pillows are composed of natural and organic ingredients.
    Durability can last for years if the conservation tips are respected.
    Although the scent of lavender remains for a long time, it is normal for it to become less intense with each use. You can always intensify it again by adding a few drops of lavender/lavender essential oil.

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