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Limited Edition Triguh Baby & Piquinhos Kids
Fall Winter 21/22

The combination of Warm, Comfortable and 100% Cotton Pajamas with the Triguh Baby Thermal Pillow is the Perfect Kit for a long night's sleep with a peaceful fall asleep without tantrums.

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Perfect Sleep Kit

We put together our tiny but very Portuguese brands, we rolled up our sleeves with all the commitment that launching a collection needs and we put together the best quality rags, or rather: we put together children and nephews for a loving result, which is the result of many hours of work that we prepared with great care - to give you THE BEST and maximum comfort when it comes to our children's sleep.

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Triguh Baby
the magic pillow

The Pillow that serves as a 100% safe bottle as it does not burst and does not use water is the perfect solution to warm the bed of kids who still wake up with Triguh warm and so soft to the touch! Lavender has natural calming properties, so beneficial for uninterrupted sleep (and for Parents to rest all night :) )

How to use: heat for 2 minutes in the microwave and place on the bed or locally, wherever it is colder!

The pads are also perfect to apply to children's legs to alleviate growing pains.

Versatility: can be used when cold (bumps, bruises, fever)

00300 - Piquinhos outono inverno pijama escoces.jpg

What includes

​Piquinhos Kids Pajamas (Pants and Shirt)

Thermal Pillow Size M Triguh Baby + Instructions for Use


2 Raw Cotton Storage Bags of each Brand (great for carrying clothes on trips or to school)

Price: from 56.4€ + 6€ Shipping by Registered Mail

Limited to Existing Stock

About Piquinhos Kids

100% Portuguese brand of classic pajamas, designed and produced in Portugal.

They value simple collections, up to 10 years old.

Photography: Maria Santos Lima @linking_photography

00362 - Piquinhos outono inverno pijama escoces_edited.jpg
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