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The recording data and details chosen by you will be personally validated by phone or email before se advance to the recording - please leave your contact information when filling in the data on the next page.


to see allworks carried out published, go aInstagram/triguh_


In case of need toclarification of any doubtat the moment, call918228397


How to customize:

1 - choose one of the designs from the Catalog and write a coleção and its name in the "Chosen design" field

2 - define name and recording date

3 - define the color of the bow (not a definitive choice, you can change it later)

4 - define if you want any personalized phrase behind the candle (ideas in text on this page)


If you want the Candle to have some personalized element (for example, the Graphics), send your image with the highest possible quality and in .png format to

Personalized Triguh Baptism Candle

  • The Candle can be personalized without the date (only with the graphic, name, the word Baptism/Baptism)

    1. Full of faith and hope, Bathed in intense light, My child's heart, Receive Jesus today.
    2. Guardian Angel, My Company, Guard my Soul, Night and day
    3. My little heart, It had more light today, Because my dear Jesus came to dwell in it.
    4. Vasquinho Pequenino, Always remember this day, When a drop of water contained so much joy.
    5. Dear Jesus, who came to bless me, give me your strength and light, so that I can trust on this path.
    6. I will keep forever, The Joy and Faith, That Jesus left today, In my Heart.
    7. Through Baptism I received the Light of Christ that will guide me eternally
    8. Name of Godparents

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