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my message
from Christmas

No Christmas is the same.

Families go through changes, they happen

things in the world and so are wewe grew up

as people.


The Christmas collection also changes, but the affection and

commitment with which each piece is made,REMAINS.


This Christmas buy only what you need, butbet on emotions,

in whatcreates memories, on what is important to say when offering.

And above all:

support the national

00387 - Piquinhos outono inverno pijama escoces.jpg

mini candles

of thanks

As a Gift for Educators and Educational Assistants, Teachers, Grandparents or someone very special, with the possibility of writing inspiring and grateful messages on the back.

Access the Catalog to see more images and all the customization possibilities.


mini candles

Table markers

To enrich the Christmas Table in a personalized way, with inspiring messages on the back of each candle. Consult the catalog to see all possibilities for customization and surprise your family with these unique and so special Candles, which can serve as decoration for any space in the house.

The minimum order is 4 units

Measurements: 8cm x 5.5cm


Thermal Pads
for adults &
Children 3A+

The 100% safe Magic Pillow, as it does not burst and does not use water, is the perfect solution to warm the bed of

kids and adults!

They can be used by the whole family, to make a hot bottle, in therapies such as localized pain (eg cervical), migraines, insomnia, anxiety, intestinal/menstrual pain, postpartum/surgical recovery, post training, Meditation and Yoga.

Lavender has natural calming properties, so beneficial for peaceful, uninterrupted sleep.

How to use: heat for 2 minutes in the microwave.


Anti-Colic Pads

Approved by Pediatricians and Nurses

Powerful in anti-colic, providing peaceful nights for babies, they help with the rise of milk and breastfeeding and are still excellent in postpartum recovery.


The weight and size of Triguh have been approved by Pediatricians and Nurses to be used from 0 months.

All Patterns are 100% Cotton fabric and each Cushion ships with a branded carrying bag. 

triguh outubro-50.jpg

Christmas treats

Crosses, Stars Sagrada Familia
or Scented Swallows of Peace

To offer to Godchildren, new Babies,

Educators or Assistants

Minimum order: 4 units

(color of bows, designs and messages of your choice)


Baptism Pack

TRIGUH Baptism Pack (Personalised Candle, Shell,

Towel and Box) - 82€


Groomsmen Baptism Pack (Personalised Candle, Box) - 40€

Vouchers can be used over a period of

12 months after purchase.


Big Candles at
of Thanks
Educators, Helpers
or Teachers.
Grandparents, Friends or
for friends more

Information about orders

To order you have the following options:

Pillows : Online Store

Candles, Crosses, Personalized Swallows:

Whatsapp 918228397

Instagram /triguh_

Minimum Orders:

Big Candles - 1 unit

Mini Christmas Candles and/or Table Markers, Crosses and Stars Sagrada Familia or Swallows of Peace - 4 units

Limit Christmas orders:December 16th

Shipping or Picking Up Orders:

Shipping by CTT Express (+7€)

or possibility of collection before appointment in Atelier

(Alameda Calouste Gulbenkian n10 2nd right 2770-021 Paço de Arcos)


This Christmas

support the national

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